The newest addition to the Southside is The Crash Pad, an "uncommon hostel" located behind Niedlov's on Johnson Street. The 5,000 square-foot facility can house up to 40 people, and opens for business on June 10. 

Locals gathered at The Crash Pad on Friday for a ribbon cutting, sponsored by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. Co-owners Max Poppel and Dan Rose, along with manager Al Smith, wore custom-made velour tracksuits for the occasion. 

Dan Rose, Alex Poppel, and Al Smith prepare to cut the ribbon alongside Councliman Manny Rico. 
The Crash Pad is located at 29 Johnson Street. 
The facility includes a pavilion. 
The lobby of The Crash Pad, an "uncommon hostel."
There was a custom-made cake at the ceremony. 
The facility is 5,000 square feet. 
Bunk rates start at $27 a night. 
The kitchen boasts custom glasses and mugs. 
The hostel markets itself as "affordable boutique."
The hostel is open to the public beginning on June 10.