House, Senate, and Congressional redistricting plans were all approved by the state Senate Friday, leaving the signature of Gov. Bill Haslam as the only requirement left to ensure the lines are in place for the next decade.

Prior to the Senate vote, the House passed all three plans in votes held Thursday.

Should the governor sign off on the proposals as expected, the new lines would spilt Bradley County between the 3rd and 4th congressional districts; shift the 10th District, represented by Sen. Andy Berke east; and combine the House districts represented by Reps. JoAnne Favors and Tommie Brown.


The congressional plan also allows Rutherford County to be included in the 4th District, a change that is expected to have an effect on the re-election efforts of Rep. Scott DesJarlais.

Redistricting, which takes place once every decade, uses information taken from the U.S. census population count to determine voter boundaries. The parties with majorities in the General Assembly-this time Republicans in both the House and the Senate-get to draw the lines.

Following the votes, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey called the redistricting proposals “fair, legal and logical” in a comment posted to his Facebook page.

“The plans restore regional integrity, protecting neighborhoods and other communities of interest,” Ramsey said. “I am proud of the hard work by the members of both parties that went into creating them.”