Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera will make a stop in Chattanooga this weekend as part of the 2012 Formal Affair bridal show on Sunday.

Tutera is host of WE TV’s (Women’s Entertainment Television) “My Fair Wedding,” a series that takes everyday brides-to-be and creates their fairy tale weddings in a short period of time. 

At age 19, Tutera opened his first events planning business with just one client. Today, the style-maker said he still loves his job, which ranges from planning parties for celebrities, designing weddings and events all over the world and lecturing on the art of creating a stylish event.


Nooga (N): What will you be doing at the bridal show in Chattanooga this weekend?

David Tutera (DT): This will be a sort of a collaboration of many things. I will be speaking to the brides-to-be … and really talking about the various plans to begin that process to walk down the aisle. A lot of times when I am speaking they really want to hear the inside and outside of the show. So there will be that. But it is all meant to be inspirational and informative on how to create a wedding on a budget.

(N): What do you see as some of the hottest trends coming out for brides now?

(DT): The hottest trends that I am predicting for 2012 and 2013 are bold statements of color.  We’ll be seeing reds, plums, burgundys and purples. Everyone is straying away from traditional whites. And to me that makes a bigger statement. The bolder the color, the stronger statement. Color can be done in a lot of ways without having to find ways to go over the top. Linens, flowers, fashion and lighting are four of the key components to create color. You can do it inexpensively and make a stronger statement. Also, brides want to know, “How do I make my wedding unique?” Adding personality and finding a way to tell a story of the bride and groom is one way. What are the couple’s favorite colors, or food, or incorporating something about how they met. Infusing these details is a way to make it more interactive for the guests and make your wedding that much more unique.

(N): What is the best advice you can give a bride today?

(DT): To not think so big. They see what we do on TV and what the celebrities are executing. Thinking big is setting up for failure. That means a larger budget. Budgets for weddings are decreasing this year all across the country. You have to really take your budget and spread it among all the pieces of the puzzle. You may have to relook at the budget and sacrifice some of the guest list to get what you want. The trouble is, what happens is they get the ring on their finger and then lose the sense of realism. You know you just can’t have everything.

(N): What are things to avoid?

(DT): The first thing is, when you get engaged, do not jump online and order every trinket you see. Avoid impulse purchases on the front end because you will need that money later. Also, avoid the large guest counts. And avoid the safe zone. Be bold and make a wedding that people will remember.

(N): What is the worst nightmare wedding you have been involved with on the show?

(DT): The list is endless. You have to remember, on the show, they are casting brides that have stories that are meant to turn heads on television, but they are real. This year I had a bride with a Goth theme. She was infatuated with Goth and death. That was a tough one for me. I also had a wedding with the theme “under the sea,” which is a cute birthday party for a 6-year-old, but a wedding? But if that is what the bride wants, then I have to find a way to keep her concept and try to make it more appropriate and sophisticated for a wedding. Eighty percent of the time, these brides are picking concepts that are good for a kid’s birthday party. And they are dedicated to their concepts.