Ninety-seven boats fished the February Chattanooga Bass Association Tournament out of Chester Frost Park Saturday, according to the CBA website. It was the first CBA tournament of the organization’s 35th season.

Sixteen winning places were paid (five bass limit):

1st ($2,000 purse)-Mike Varner and Trey Evans, 26.67 pounds
2nd-Taylor Bolton and Cody Frazier, 25.76 pounds
3rd-Shaun Lusk and Andy Lusk, 25.71 pounds
4th-Jim Kimsey and Brain Gladson, 25.55 pounds
5th-Steve Barnes and Spencer Smith, 25.09 pounds
6th-Greg Lamb and Mark Heatherly, 24.76 pounds
7th-Rogne Brown and Allen Brown, 23.94 pounds
8th-Robbie McGill and Wade Kilgore, 23.63 pounds
9th-Chris Grant and Ben Power, 23.02 pounds
10th-James Milling and Buddy Gross, 22.40 pounds
11th-Josh Wooford and Bruce Wooford, 21.86 pounds
12th-Chris Gallman and Verlin Beardon, 21.03 pounds
13th-Tony Townsend and Galen James, 20.47 pounds
14th-Wes Hardin and Jason Cook, 20.05 pounds
15th-Brent Tharpe and Brandon Roop, 19.96 pounds
16th-Don Lamb and Eddie Wilson, 19.95 pounds


Biggest fish of the tournament: Jim Kimsey and Brain Gladson, 8.82-pound largemouth
Biggest smallmouth: Greg Lamb and Mark Heatherly, 4.85 pounds
Biggest spotted bass: Chris Gallman and Verlin Beardon, 3.89 pounds

Highest new team: Brain Wilson and Tom Brindle, 19.29 pounds
Highest youth team: Rocky and Harley Sutherland, 18.30 pounds

The next CBA event is March 31.