A new online exhibit in the Tennessee Virtual Archive (TeVA) highlights the architectural history of the Tennessee School for the Deaf in Knoxville.

This digital exhibit features images of the unique buildings on the historic Tennessee School for the Deaf campus, many of which were designed in the 1920s by architect Thomas Scott Marr.

Marr, who was deaf himself and a graduate of the school, founded the Nashville architectural firm Marr and Holman.


The Tennessee State Library and Archives has a special connection with the Tennessee School for the Deaf as a partner in the library services for the deaf and hard of hearing program. This service, which operates from the Nashville Public Library, serves all Tennesseans. Among the services offered are an extensive library of books about hearing issues, assistive devices for loan and testing, accessible children’s programming and access to video relay services. See the website for more information.

As with other TeVA digital collections, the photographs, sketches and postcards that make up the Tennessee School for the Deaf exhibit are pieced together from a number of TSLA’s manuscript collections.  This new digital collection can be accessed by clicking here.