National Geographic Channel’s new series “Great American Manhunt” was produced in Chattanooga and premieres on the network April 14. An entire crime lab for the new series was built from scratch in an empty office space on Amnicola Highway. The lab included an area for evidence testing, a conference room and a special room with high-tech imaging equipment. The cast and crew were in and out of Chattanooga last summer for about three months. (Photo: Staff)

Airdates have been announced for the new National Geographic real-life mystery series that was shot in Chattanooga last summer.

“Great American Manhunt” is an eight-part series that follows a team of experts as they use forensic science to track down and identify mystery targets across the United States.

The show will premiere on April 19 and runs through June 14.


The forensics team put together for the program included a clinical psychologist, a retired police detective and a forensic anthropologist, who were flown in and out of Chattanooga several times to shoot scenes in the custom built “lab” on Amnicola Highway after returning from fieldwork around the United States.

The series was produced by the London-based Wide-Eyed Entertainment, who worked with Lisa Wheelous, a film industry location scout who lives in Chattanooga. WEE’s creative director, David McNab, told he was very impressed by what the forensics team was able to accomplish.

“We have been blown away by the brilliance of our sleuths in piecing together the clues and hunting the targets down. The team tests everything from blood to psychology-from MRI scans to the pollen on the target’s clothes. The science is jaw-dropping, and the investigation takes the team on a thrilling chase across the country,” McNab said in the interview.

This will be the premiere for the series, and if it gets picked up for a second season, the production could potentially return to Chattanooga, officials said.

Airdates for National Geographic Channel’s “Great American Manhunt”
EPB Fi TV channel 67, Comcast channel 109, AT&T U-verse channel 265

“California Hot Shot”-April 19
“Miracle Man”-April 26
“Captain Courage”-May 3
“Enigma Man”-May 10
“Adrenaline Junkie”-May 17
“The Daredevil”-May 31
“Big Dog”-June 7
“Superwoman”-June 14

Natalie Shirley is a forensic anthropologist on the new National Geographic Channel’s “Great American Manhunt” series premiering in April. Shirley is shown onset in Chattanooga last summer inside the custom-built evidence lab used in the program.