Next week Alstom leaders will celebrate a milestone with the first shipment of a Chattanooga-made gas turbine.

“This event signifies the ongoing ramp-up of Alstom’s manufacturing activities in Chattanooga and the company’s ability to serve growth in the North American natural gas market with a domestic production center and supply chain,” Alstom spokeswoman Fallon McLoughlin said in an email.

“Alstom’s power systems manufacturing team has worked hard to ensure our first gas turbine sends a strong signal to the marketplace about our U.S. capabilities,” she also said. 


In September, Alstom leaders unveiled the upgraded natural gas turbine and said that it represented the company’s expanding portfolio and means jobs for the area.

The company has spent $10 million to train the staff, and the launch of the new product means Alstom will continue to hire at least 150 more people as needed, Lawrence Quinn, CEO of the Chattanooga facility, said in September.

“This quick-start capability makes [the turbine] ideally suited for countering the intermittency of renewable energy sources like wind and solar,” McLoughlin said.

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