Sen. Bob Corker delivers weekly Republican address

There was no shortage of disfavor for the policies of President Barack Obama in Sen. Bob Corker’s delivery of the Weekly Republican Address Saturday-the GOP response to the president’s Weekly Video and Radio Address.

Corker railed on “Washington mismanagement,” reiterating his description of the Senate’s inability to pass a budget as a “total failure of leadership.” The senator also blamed the president for his “punts on almost every tough decision,” saying he had offered no solutions for the problems facing the country. 

“Politicians are bankrupting our country by passing legislation without paying for it and abandoning the free market principles that give people the opportunity to succeed,” Corker said. “It’s disappointing, and, I can assure you, highly frustrating to see what happens here in Washington: more spending and debt and kicking tough decisions down the road, robbing-literally robbing-the next generation of the opportunity to pursue success and live their own American Dream.”

Corker then prescribed pro-growth tax reform and simplification of the tax code as ways to strengthen the national economy, along with measures to promote private sector growth. 

Updated @ 8:44 a.m. on 05/07/12 to correct a typographical error.