Discussion was light between Hamilton County commissioners during Thursday’s agenda session. 

Commissioners approved a resolution to amend various budgets and funds for the current fiscal year, a measure Commissioner Fred Skillern called “routine.”

“This is nothing out of the ordinary; we’ve done similar things every year since I’ve been on the commission. This is a housekeeping thing,” Skillern said, referring to the adjustments-many of which were for millions of dollars.

Commissioners also briefly discussed potential ways to accommodate recent overflow crowds at Chester Frost State Park. Commissioner Mitch McClure said he received a call over Memorial Day weekend referring to an ambulance crew that could not assist a person in the park because of overcrowding in the parking lot. 


Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger said that enhancements to the park had taken place in the past and would ultimately happen again in the future, but did not offer a specific timeline. The mayor mentioned looking into recent overcrowding that had taken place at the Enterprise South Nature Park also. 

“We’ll look at both situations, but I certainly think there’s going to be some issues there as people begin to utilize that park,” he said. “We’ll definitely look into it.”

Commissioners then held their Finance Committee meeting.