The Chattanooga Police Department has announced parking and gate changes that will affect Riverbend patrons this year.

Nathan Hartwig of the Chattanooga Police Department said these changes are because of safety reasons and security awareness.

2012 changes
There will be no parking allowed along any entrance or exit ramps from Highway 27 at Fourth Street. The habit of numerous vehicles parking and pedestrians congregating in these areas has led to an extremely hazardous situation. This entire area, including the section of Fourth Street coming into downtown, will be posted with no-parking signs and barricade fencing where feasible. Any vehicles found parking in the restricted areas will be towed at the owner’s expense.

-There will be police officers positioned on all side streets leading into the Bessie Smith Strut from both McCallie Avenue and 10th Street. These side streets are not entry gates, and all patrons of the festival will be directed to the closest entrance gate. The side gates will be opened for exit in the event of an emergency. This applies to all vendors, volunteers, business owners and patrons of the Bessie Smith Strut, regardless of whether they have a Riverbend pin or strut armband. 


Riverbend 2012 begins Friday, June 8 and lasts until Saturday, June 16.

This article is published with permission of NewsChannel 9.