Dr. Jonathan Welch is the right choice for the Hamilton County Board of Education in District 2. Having grown up with Jonathan playing Little League baseball, we remain friends today; he’s also my dentist, and we recently finished another baseball season, this time as coaches.

I am supporting Jonathan Welch because of his authenticity, character and desire to serve. What you see is what you get with Jonathan; who he is and what he stands for is consistent, no matter who is watching. His character and integrity are impeccable. Finally, he agreed to run for office because his heart is to serve, whether it’s his family, patients, co-workers, church or community, where he has served on the Founder’s Fund and the Mountain Education Foundation’s board of directors.

We are fortunate to have individuals such as Jonathan Welch willing to serve. Let’s be a district that approaches this election with a humble, positive approach, seeking to encourage and support our leaders rather than throwing stones. Without reservation and with enthusiasm, my wife, Laurel, and I ask you to vote for Jonathan Welch as the Hamilton County Board of Education District 2 representative Aug. 2.

T. W. Francescon Jr.
Signal Mountain, Tenn.