Chattanooga’s Gig Tank and high-speed Internet got more attention Tuesday-this time from GOOD, a media platform that highlights positive news from around the world. 

Local business leaders shared the good news via Facebook Tuesday morning. 

The article featured local companies, such as Global Green Lighting and Claris Networks, which are using Chattanooga’s high-speed Internet capabilities. 


Business are putting the 1 gig/second speed to use in a variety of ways in an array of different industries, from health care to public safety. 

Global Green Lighting’s products allow an operator to control lighting systems that use smart grid and fiber optic technology via the Internet from up to 35 miles away. That allows for energy savings and easy adjustment for public safety purposes. 

Eight teams in the Gig Tank competition will see what they can do with the city’s fastest Internet in the Western Hemisphere.

One team will win $100,000.

Nearly 15 companies and organizations are participating in the Gig Tank, offering everything from consulting and mentoring services and financial sponsorship to the teams. 

Chattanooga, also known as the Gig City, has also been chosen as one of 25 cities nationwide to partner in a White House initiative called US Ignite, which aims to promote United States leadership in developing uses for high-speed broadband Internet.

Chattanooga is one of 25 cities participating in US Ignite.

The goal of the initiative is to have 60 new applications for this technology across 200 cities.