A new survey provides insight into the thoughts and desires of American office employees.

The Wakefield Research Study, commissioned by Citrix, highlights some creative excuses employees have used in attempts to get out of work and finds that 64 percent of people would give up a pleasure, such as drinking alcohol, to be able to work from home once a week.

Slate.com picked up the study and highlighted the portion that finds out what employees really do when they are “working” from home.

Half of the workers surveyed said that their bosses disapprove of working from home, also known as telecommuting. Thirty-five percent said it is tolerated, according to Slate and the survey.

“Office Space”

-Thirty-four percent of office workers secretly dislike participating in costume contests.

-Thirty-one percent dislike team-building activities.

-Fifty-one percent believe that a “constant complainer” would be the most annoying type of person to sit next to every day.

Source: Citrix

The survey results won’t give telecommuting skeptics much confidence in the option-43 percent of respondents said they have watched television or a movie while working from home.

Thirty-five percent have done chores, and 28 percent have cooked dinner.

Cleveland, Tenn., resident Eric Wilbanks said via Twitter that he loves working from home, but he likes to have a dedicated workspace because it’s less distracting.

“Dress however you want; just work somewhere other than your bed the majority of the time,” he said. “There’s psychology behind that.”

Wilbanks is correct about that, according to Psychology Today.

Along the lines of separating home play from home work, the survey also found that nearly half of respondents don’t stay in pajamas all day, likely another psychological aspect of being productive while telecommuting.

Respondents said they dress down at home, but that 49 percent are more inclined to wear jeans and T-shirts, not pajamas.

Twenty-five percent rock the nightgowns or flannel pants, and 7 percent work in their underwear or in the nude.

No matter the at-home dress preferences, more than half said they would give up something to be able to work only one day from home.

Thirty-two percent would give up lunch breaks, 25 percent would give up alcohol and 20 percent would eliminate coffee.

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