Refinery problems in the United States and increasing crude oil prices around the world are causing gas prices to creep up. Although the nationwide average has increased to above $3.63 a gallon, Chattanooga prices are still lower than they were a year ago.

CNN Money reported Tuesday that the nationwide average is now 30 cents more than five weeks ago and that a chief oil analyst predicted that weekend prices would be higher than they have been in a while.

In Chattanooga, the current average for regular gas was $3.363 a gallon Wednesday morning. That’s up from Tuesday’s average of $3.345 a gallon for regular gasoline.


Local prices were at $3.229 a gallon for regular a month ago.

But this time last year, the Chattanooga average was $3.541, according to AAA’s gas gauge.

According to, Murphy USA at Highway 153 and Carmack Road currently has the lowest local price, at $3.24 a gallon for regular.

According to CNN Money, the rise nationwide is partly the result of refining and transportation problems in the Midwest and on the West Coast.

And crude oil prices have increased almost 20 percent in the past six weeks, CNN Money also reported.

Bloomberg Business Week also reported Tuesday that government leaders expect U.S. residents to pay $3.49 a gallon for gas in the third quarter.