Chattanooga City Council members quickly took care of business Tuesday night, moving through their agenda with little discussion on ordinances and resolutions.

The group opted to delay the appointment of three positions on the board of the Chattanooga Housing Authority after Councilman Russell Gilbert said he would like to see further discussion. The appointments were deferred for two weeks.

The group also heard from members of the public who spoke in support of a citizen-backed affordable housing ordinance, which had been scheduled to be considered during the meeting. Instead, City Council Chair Pam Ladd suggested forming a consensus of groups interested in the measure to discuss it at a later time-a proposal that Westside Community Association member Leroy Griffith said he had been aware of.

“The chair said last week that they were going to delay that to get all these groups together again,” Griffith said. “I was not here expecting them to bring it up again tonight.”


Prior to meeting, City Council members were greeted by an African crested porcupine, Bennett’s wallaby and flying squirrel. The animals were brought by staff members of the Chattanooga Zoo, who offered a special presentation.