Tasty Daylight Donuts is challenging doughnut eaters’ ingenuity with its “creation station.”

At the moment, the new downtown location houses the smaller, mobile unit, but within the next 30 days, Chattanoogans will be able to marvel at the permanent, 80-topping-strong station.


“We’ve had this idea for a while based on an ice cream shop,” said Tony McInnis, who owns Tasty Daylight Donuts, along with Brent Johnson. “A lot of the time, people see something in the case and say, ‘Wouldn’t that be good on a chocolate cake doughnut?’ We can do that.”

Here’s how it works: Pick a base from the myriad of cake, glazed and raised donuts-the Tasty Daylight crew builds the stock each morning with 75 to 100 freshly made donuts.

Then, select a frosting from the list of fruit, traditional and super sugar dips, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, banana, maple, caramel and even cotton candy.

Finally, choose a topping. This step is just as assorted as the first two, with bark, nut and candy categories.

The mobile creation station has inspired a few permanent fixtures on the menu. The caramel pecan and the Rolo-a glazed donut with caramel icing, a caramel velvet or moose layer, chocolate drizzle and a Rolo candy-were repeat customer favorites before appearing in the main case.

The build-your-own option’s popularity isn’t relegated to children, said Madison Smyth, who works at the Chestnut Street location. She recently had a group of adult women plan their next trip to the doughnut cafe specifically for the creation station.

“Anyone who get excited about the little things will enjoy this,” she said.

When grabbing your morning cup of joe or looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, think about the following combinations or dream up your own confection creation:

-Chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla icing and Butterfinger topping

-Blueberry cake doughnut with maple icing and toffee topping

-Coca-Cola cake doughnut with cherry icing and cherry bark

-Buttermilk old-fashioned cake doughnut with strawberry icing and vanilla wafers topping

-Pumpkin spice cake doughnut with caramel icing and Whoppers topping

-Whole blueberry-filled doughnut with lemon icing and blueberry bark

-Red velvet cake doughnut with chocolate icing and almond topping

-Banana cake doughnut with cream cheese icing and vanilla wafers topping