Residents of Bradley County will host the fourth Rock the Relief disaster relief effort Oct. 27 to benefit those who were impacted by the April 27 tornadoes last year.

This year, the funds raised from the event will benefit a family who lost all of their possessions in the tornado, Samantha Oughtred Young, a coordinator for the event, said.

“Not everything was covered by insurance, so Rock the Relief wants to help cover the unmet needs of this family,” she said. “We prefer not to give the name of this family, as they are unaware of our event to raise money for them.”


While many families who were impacted by the storms have received the aid they needed, Young said, there is still much cleanup left to be done.

“We have a great system in our community that helps meet unmet needs for people who weren’t taken care of by insurance or FEMA,” she said. “Families now just need money and supplies.”

Young said her family was fortunate and not severely impacted in the storms.

However, she said, she had friends who lost nearly everything.

“Some of my friends were renters without rental insurance,” she said. “What struck hardest was going to help a couple we are friends with. We got to the house, and the only thing left standing was the closet they hid in. It honestly looked like a war zone.”

Because so much time has passed since the tornado, it is important to keep in mind that the rebuilding process is still ongoing, Young said.

“Rock the Relief believes it is important to keep having these events even after the tugging of the heart strings has long since passed,” she said. “There are still families in need, families that have not been taken care of. We strive to keep the community caring about the storms that devastated our town just a year and a half ago. It’s very encouraging to see the amount of people that come to the events … each event reminds us of how strong we actually are.”

The event will take place Oct. 27 from 4 to 8 p.m. at Pokey’s in Cleveland, Tenn.

Admission will be $5, and for another $5 entry fee, guests can participate in a corn hole tournament where the winner will receive half the prize money. The other half will benefit the Rock the Relief family in need.

T-shirts and koozies will also be available for sale.

Because it is a charity event, Young said, all the musicians involved are donating their time and the cost of expenses.

“Every dollar that comes in goes directly to the family in need,” she said.