LifeKraze leaders have tapped actor Sean Astin-of “Lord of the Rings” and “The Goonies” fame-to lead the company’s seasonal running celebration.

“Sean is an iconic figure, but many people don’t know about his passion for running,”Jonathan Yagel, LifeKraze director of communication and business development, said via email.

LifeKraze is an online platform and iPhone application that facilitates active lifestyles and allows people to share accomplishments.


Astin has been a long-distance runner for the past 25 years and has signed on to use LifeKraze to share and document his return to the sport after a recent injury.

He will share his progress through his #Run3rd campaign, which is an initiative to encourage runners to use their activity to benefit others, according to a LifeKraze news release.

Yagel said thatAstin’s participation will provide insight into overcoming an obstacle-his recent injury that prevented him from running. And company leaders hope he will inspire others.

“His awesome#Run3rdcampaign is an excellent example of an approach we are always trying to promote: using the activities you love to benefit others, both directly and indirectly,” Yagel said via email.

Although participation of a high-profile celebrity may bring publicity to LifeKraze, Yagel said it is just as important to support Astin in his journey.

“Even movie stars need a support network, and we are excited to be able to provide him with a community that will be cheering him on,” he said.

During the recent Olympics, LifeKraze leaders created a partnership with several athletes.

In May, LifeKraze leaders brought in Nashville native Jay Kelley from theDocumentary Channelas their new president.