On the heels of a banner election for Tennessee Republicans, state GOP Chairman Chris Devaney has announced he will seek another term.

Devaney, who was first elected to steer the party in 2009, wrote a letter to the party’s executive committee Thursday requesting their support. Citing victories in Senate, congressional, and state House and Senate races, Devaney said he wanted to continue the trend.

“These wins were due to the fact that Republicans have a superior message, great volunteers and donors, good candidates, and a Republican party that works with our elected leadership,” Devaney wrote. “Our party is strong because we have consistently had good leadership at the state party and have built on the successes over the years.”


Devaney’s announcement came two days after Republicans gained supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly for the first time in history. In January, GOP members will occupy more than two-thirds of each legislative body, granting them the ability to instantly pass bills without facing procedural measures by Democrats to slow them down.

The chairman’s announcement also comes weeks after Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester announced he would not seek another term after four years of serving at the party’s top post.

In his letter, Devaney also mentioned his desire to see the party’s supermajorities maintained and increased. The chairman also indicated a desire to grow a GOP majority in the congressional delegation.

Devaney is a resident of Lookout Mountain.