The Tennessee State Library and Archives recently received a donation of Vietnam War memorabilia to create an online exhibition with.

Veteran Christopher Ammons of Clarksville donated his personal papers, photographs and letters from that era to TSLA to feature in the exhibit, which can be viewedhere.

Ammons entered the military a month after graduating from Claksville High School and served two terms in Vietnam, from 1967 to 1970. He was part of the First Infantry Division, and his unit saw extensive combat action.

Ammons was very interested in his surroundings while in South Vietnam and became an avid amateur photographer. The photos in this online exhibit detail not only the daily lives of soldiers but also Ammons’ progression from a Tennessee youth to a battle-seasoned veteran interacting with the Vietnamese.


A video interview with Ammons portrays how he was wounded on his first tour and his family’s reaction to the telegram that bore the news.

TSLA is seeking to document Tennessee Vietnam veterans’ service to their country for the benefit of future generations.