Chatt culture: Dancing in downtown Chattanooga


A locally made video of people dancing in front of iconic Chattanooga landmarks is making the rounds online, and one local leader said unique projects like this draw attention to the city and have the potential to attract tourists.

When people see this video, we hope they will go and visit these attractions-and maybe make their own fun dance video,” Candace Davis, spokeswoman with theChattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau, said via email.

Tourists brought in$893.3 million to the area over the summer, making Hamilton County thefourth-largest county for tourism expenditures in the state, leaders announced in September.

Tourists bring money into the area by spending at hotels, attractions and restaurants. And the industry supports 8,500 full-time jobs.

Chattanooga has recently garnered attention from countless national publications, such as The New York Times and Outside magazine.

And, recently, another locally produced video recirculated via social media, drawing attention to the city.

Davis also said it is good to see local residents taking pride in their city.

And, based on comments from the CVB’s Facebook page, some people said the video makes Chattanooga look like a fun place, which it is, she said.

“The video was just fun and makes you want to get up and dance,” she said.

The idea
Local residents Isaac James, Jonathan Morua and Bryana Kitchenhad plans to go contra dancing, but the event was cancelled after a double booking.

“With no other immediate plans and a bunch of dance energy ready to be unleashed, we decided to grab a camera and head downtown anyway,” James said.

It took about two hours to shoot last Saturday and about six hours for them to put the video together the next day, he said.

“We didn’t have anything planned; we just showed up and let Chattanooga inspire us,” he said. “One of our favorite moments was on the Walnut Street Bridge when a large group of women were walking by, and we asked if they wanted to be in the video. They didn’t hesitate, and they were great. Another great moment was when a carriage driver offered to let us dance in the back of her carriage. It really started to feel like a community video instead of just three friends dancing.”

More than 1,500 people viewed the video in the first 48 hours, he also said.

And they are planning another video because there are so many more places they want to feature.

“We know its been shared in Colombia, Czech Republic and Germany, so it has definitely given Chattanooga some exposure,” he said.

Updated @ 2:45 p.m. on 11/14/12 to add more information as it became available.