Chattanooga businessman andSouthtree co-founder Adam Boeselager gave advice viaEntrepreneurs Unpluggdabout financing startups., which helps preserve aging home movies and photos digitally, started in a garage before leaders moved to the current offices on South Broad Street earlier this year.


In August, the company announced that they reached a milestone-they had created more than 1 million DVDs, digitally preserving countless memories.

Southtree.comleaders create DVDs or editable digital files from VCR tapes, home movie reels, photo prints and slides.

Most of the business the company does comes from outside Tennessee.

And during the first three years in business, experienced 70 percent growth, according to archives.

According toEntrepreneurs Unpluggd, the company is now worth nearly $1 million.

In the Entrepreneurs Unpluggd post,Boeselager gave five tips on how to self-finance a startup.

Tips include taking the leap, despite fears and challenges, and starting the business instead of making excuses and finding reasons not to start, as well as reinvesting everything and hiring interns.

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