Mainx24is offering plenty of live music during the 24-hour block party. But it would behoove you to make your way to Clyde’s Auto Glass from 5:30 until 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1. There, you will witness a party like no other: The Destroyers Club Presents: Summer Dregs and Shark Week.

If you go

What:The Destroyers Club Presents: Summer Dregs and Shark Week

When: Saturday, Dec. 1, 5:30-8 p.m.

Where: Clyde’s Auto Glass

“What the heck is The Destroyers Club?” you might ask yourself.

The Destroyers Club is a creative collective that includes local artists from various backgrounds, including Stephen Nichols, Michael Mahaffey, Drew Belz and Carl Cadwell. Independently, they are powerful. But with their powers combined, they are an unstoppable force with which to be reckoned. They fight for the common artistic good of Chattanooga, bringing the best talent in the city together for public display. Their latest result is a live show with two of Chattanooga’s most exciting bands.

Summer Dregs started as a highly collaborative recording and media project led by Cadwell in 2009. More than 15 musicians, producers and videographers were involved. After releasing an album, they played their first show. Then they played one more. And then they disappeared from the public eye. Fast-forward three years. In that time, Cadwell played with local favorites The Distribution, but the band split several months ago. Now, Summer Dregs has re-emerged from the ashes, stronger and more powerful than ever.

“This Mainx24 show will witness Summer Dregs reborn,” said Carl Cadwell, keyboard player for Summer Dregs. “We are now a proper band, and our new lineup is set to grab the Chattanooga music scene by the lapels and command their attention.”

Summer Dregs’ current lineup includes Cadwell on keyboard, Stephen Nichols on vox/guitar, Josh Green on drums and Travis Knight (also from The Distribution)on bass.

“We have the same rhythm section as The Distribution, but this time, we’re channeling our energy into the indie-dance/pop,” Caldwell said. “We remember and cherish our past but are now pushing into boldly vivid and aggressively ecstatic worlds.”

Shark Week is a straight-up, no-frills rock band with bite. Relatively new to the local music scene, Bijan Dhanani (guitar), Kip Smith (bass) and Nate Smith (drums) have been playing together for about eight months. And you thought Shark Week took place in the summer. These guys make Jaws look like Flipper.

“We’re a dance-rock outfit with elements of surf and Southern soul,” Dhanani said. “Live, we come across quite hard and danceable. When someone asks us who we sounds like, there is genuine head-scratching because I literally have no idea who to compare ourselves to. It’s like the Police and Trent Reznor got in a fight and ended up all twisted and bloodied.”

Cadwell and Dhanani have been interested in putting on a pop-up style concert in a venue not typically built for concerts. That’s when they decided on Clyde’s Auto Glass.

“We’ve all played at JJ’s Bohemia and Rhythm & Brews and various other spots, but there are so many other cool locations in town that would be suited for a party,” Dhanani said. “Mainly, we liked the concept of a warehouse party.”

In addition to great music, there will be food provided by Good Dog and Big River Grille and beer and cigars provided by Burns Tobacconist. That’s right. Cigars.

The show is free for all ages. So, c’mon! Bring the kiddies! Just don’t let them feed the sharks or smoke the cigars.

Required listening: Shark Week’s “Hotel Cali” and Summer Dregs’ “Astoria.”

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