LifeKraze leaders have enlisted another big-name user, launched a new contest and will soon release the Android version of their application.

LifeKraze is an online platform and iPhone application that facilitates active lifestyles and allows people to share accomplishments.

And last month, leaders announced thatSean Astin-of “Lord of the Rings” and “The Goonies” fame-would lead a seasonal running celebration for LifeKraze.


Now,Dolvett Quince-trainer for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”-has joined LifeKraze and put out a challenge to users.

Leaders will give out a Nike+ FuelBand every week to the person who posts the best picture that representspushing past challenges and obstacles. Quince will decide who has the best picture each week.

At the end of the year, one person will be selected from the weekly winners to get a 20-minute, one-on-one video chat with Quince.

LifeKraze leaders are also continuing with Sean Astin’s #Run3rd Campaign, which is an initiative to encourage runners to use their activity to benefit others.

And in connection with that campaign, leaders also recently launched the “Never Miss” contest, in which members take a cue from legendary runner and LifeKraze member Mark Covert, who hasn’t missed a day of running in more than 44 years.

“So we’re encouraging our members to set a streak of their own,” Jonathan Yagel, LifeKraze director of communication and business development, said via email. “The contest started at the beginning of November, so it may be hard to win if you’re just joining now, but who knows when the current competitors might miss a day, and a running streak is a valuable thing to have, in its own right.”

Whoever maintains the longest running streak through the end of the year wins a LIVESTRONGFitness LS10.0T Treadmill.

LifeKraze leaders are also working toward the launch of the Android version of the app. Yagel couldn’t give specifics yet but said they are looking forward to the launch.

“Our developers are hard at work building it right now,” he said.

During the recent Olympics, LifeKraze leaders created apartnershipwith several athletes.

In May, LifeKraze leaders brought in Nashville native Jay Kelley from the Documentary Channelas their new president.