After about a year of work, EPB leaders announced that customers now have access to online streaming via EPB2Go.

“We know that customers want to be able to watch programs and movies wherever they are,” EPB spokeswoman Danna Bailey said via email. “We expect customers will be excited about having this option.”

The new feature allows EPB customers to access movies, television shows and a variety of programming, such as HBO, Cinemax, TBS, TNT, TruTV, EPIX and Cartoon Network.


Users can also watch live news from CNN or Fox.

Although there are other ways that customers can access content online, EPB2Go allows them to do it from one, Bailey said.

As technology has evolved, so have customer expectations, and area providers are constantly updating features to meet user needs.

AT&T has adigital HDTV service called U-verseTotal Home DVR that allows customers to pause and rewind live television on any U-verse receiver in the home.

HBO GO and MAX GO are features that are available to U-verse customers in Chattanooga.

These services allow U-verse customers to access HBO and Cinemax programming online.

U-verse residential customers who subscribe to HBO and/or Cinemax can watch the channels online anywhere, from any location in the country, according to archives.

And Comcast offers a service like AT&T’s Total Home DVR called On Demand Online, which provides content to HBO and Cinemax customers across the country,according to Nooga.comarchives.

Bailey said EPB’s new service helps the company compete with other providers.

The virtually unlimited capacity of our 100 percent fiber optic network means we can add functionality and features that older infrastructures may not be able to offer,” she said. “So, yes, EPB2Go and the capacity to add more features in the future are definitely competitive advantages.”