A Tennessee resident who does business in Chattanooga and Nashville has launched a holiday-themed business for less than $100.

Brent Whitaker has created SantasWatchingYou.com, where users can order naughty or nice letters from Santa.

The letters can be for children or used to prank adults, Whitaker said.


“It comes from the actual North Pole, and Santa signs in a gold pen,” he said. “It’s a fun thing for kids of all ages.”

He didn’t divulge exactly how he makes it look like it comes from the North Pole, though.

But the goal is also to spread humor during the holidays, he said.

“Part of what I’ve done in the past is a little standup comedy, [so this is] an outlet to add humor to the holiday,” he said.

Last year’s local gag gift

Last year, Chattanooga residentJimmy Moncriefpublished a book called“Everything Obama Knows About the Economy.”

The gag?

Each of the book’s 150 pages is blank.

Read about that here.

Moncrief said Thursday that his book is still selling and that he’s gotten international orders, mainly from Canada and Germany.

Whitaker read a book called “The$100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau and became inspired to try to start a business on a small budget.

He’s already made his investment back, he said.

Wednesday, he was still counting orders from Cyber Monday and declined to say exactly how many people have bought letters, but he said the business is going “very well.”

And he’s deploying creative marketing tactics, such as a rap on the website-wearing a Santa Snuggie-and an attempt to promote the product in Walmart on Black Friday. He got kicked out of the store that day, he said.

“We wrote the rap-it’s just something catchy that everybody is falling in love with,” he said.

And in an effort to help spread the word,Whitaker is offering celebrities free letters for their children.

Otherwise, an email costs $2.99, and a letter costs $9.99.

After the holiday season ends, he is considering turning the site into a place to get letters from Cupid for Valentine’s Day, he said.

“There’s no telling what this could turn into,” he said.