The New York Times recently featured founderof Chattanooga company LearningRx Dr. Ken Gibson in an article about “brain training.”

“The journalist who wrote the article, Dan Hurley, did a good job explaining that one-on-one brain training is very different from online brain training, video games and tutoring,” Gibson said in a prepared statement. “And he correctly reported that we have research on more than 30,000 of our 50,000 clients showing that our programs increase IQ by an average of 15 to 20 points.”

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Gibson said the article will help educate millions of people on what neuroscientists call “plasticity,” which is the brain’s ability to physically change and improve at any age, according to a news release.

He has written a book on the subject, and his company is a national brain training franchise that has 83 centers across the United States.

But there are still skeptics out there. And Gibson encourages them to research the topic.

“Our results are available to any doctor, parent or reporter willing to take a closer look,” he said. “And if you’re an academician or researcher, we invite you to contact us about doing research on our programs. The more that is understood and studied about the link between one-on-one brain training and IQ-as well as when to hire a brain trainer versus hiring a tutor or subscribing to online games-the more lives can be changed.”