Tennessee Republicans announced that Chairman Chris Devaney will serve another term leading the state party, which has seen significant gains under his tenure.

The Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee voted to re-elect Devaney as chairman during its meeting in Nashville on Saturday.

Devaney, a Lookout Mountain resident, was first elected to lead the party in 2009. In his partial and first term since then, the party has seen victories in Senate, congressional and state House and Senate races, most recently exemplified in Republicans gaining supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly.


In a news release, Devaney said he desired to see the party’s influence continue to grow across Tennessee.

“It is an honor the State Executive Committee has elected me to serve another term,” Devaney said. “I look forward to working with Republicans across the state to strengthen our party by effectively communicating our message to as many Tennesseans as possible and want to thank committee members for this opportunity to help move our party forward for another two years.”

Devaney’s term will expire in 2014.