Sen. Bob Corker said he was still confident a deal could be reached to avoid the impending, so-called “fiscal cliff” during an appearance on “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Described by show host David Gregory as “calling for compromise,” Corker appeared alongside his colleague and Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, D- Mo.

During the segment, the senator, who recently put his own 242-page deficit reduction plan forward, emphasized his preference for increasing tax revenues through methods other than raising tax rates on the nation’s wealthiest earners.


“Well, you can get there in two ways,” Corker said. “One of the ways is the way I propose, which is closing loopholes; that’s a pro-growth way of getting more revenues from wealthy Americans, and, I think, David, before this is all over with, there’s a lot of machinations-there’s capital gains, there’s dividends, there’s all kinds of ways [of] looking at this, and I think cooler heads will prevail. I think we will resolve this, and that’s the very best thing we can do to get our economy going.”

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Sen. Bob Corker on NBC’s “Meet the Press”