A product from Chattanooga company Variable Technologies recently received a nod from Forbes

Contributor Mark Gibbs called the product, NODE, the gift that “every techie wants for Christmas.” 

Dr. George Yu, founder of Variable Technologies, created the product after spending a couple of years contracting with NASA-Ames and the Department of Homeland Security on mobile devices used for national security purposes, according to Nooga.com archives. 

NODE is a project aimed at helping smartphone users “explore the fun and power of sensors,” according to Engadget, a Web magazine that covers gadgets and consumer electronics and that has featured Yu’s project.

Yu applied his knowledge of syncing handheld sensors with iPhones and created a platform device that will allow iPhone application developers to create apps that can do various things, such as read a child’s forehead temperature from 15 feet away.

Yu’s company recently won the Early Innovator Award at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s 12th annual Spirit of Innovation Awards.

He also won February’s local Will This Float? contest with the development of NODE, which drew attention from TechCrunch last month.