The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation donated some of the most modern rescue equipment available to the Chattanooga Fire Department yesterday.

At the Firehouse Subs located at 6025 East Brainerd Road, firefighters demonstrated their new Hurst eDraulics S 700e cutter, which is designed to cut through the extra-strong steel being used on most cars and trucks manufactured nowadays.

The foundation’s gift of $17,500 enabled the fire department to buy two of these cutters.


“We are very grateful for the support Firehouse Subs has provided to us,” Fire Chief Randy Parker said in a prepared statement. “These new cutters will speed up the extrication process at motor vehicle accidents, and when you save time, you save lives.”

Officials said that the new cutters will be stored on the department’s squad trucks, which carry extra-specialized equipment used in automobile accidents and other rescue incidents.

According to a statement from the Chattanooga Fire Department, car manufacturers have been reinforcing the core structure of cars with advanced-strength steels to improve safety and meet new federal safety standards since as early as 2003. The new standards require that all vehicles meet upgraded pole and barrier tests, and the current roof strength tests require that a vehicle withstand double the force that was previously required. These new cutters will enable firefighters to power through this extra-strength steel to perform rescue operations.