Regifting is probably not as offensive as one might think, according to recent research.

For many, regifting is a permissibleand practical way to repurpose a present.

“Regifting is perfectly acceptable, but one should exercise extreme prejudice when doing so to avoid conflict,” Chattanooga resident Jeremy Dahl said via Twitter.


In an article called “The Science Behind Giving,” The Wall Street Journal explored what makes a good gift and highlighted the regifting trend.

The WSJ reported that, according to thestudy in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, the person who originally gave the gift is less likely to mind if someone regifts their present than people may think.

Some local residents said it is important to make sure the recipient of the gift doesn’t find out about the recycling, though.

“Regifting is 100 percent OK as long as the original giver and current receiver never know the dirty truth,” local resident Greg McGraw said via Twitter.

Although regifting may have been sort of shameful in the past, there is now a National Regifting Day on Dec. 20.

And, according to Money Management International and,58 percent of survey respondents said they regift or are thinking about doing so.

The Huffington Post reported that 83 percent of respondents to survey said they wouldn’t mind getting a regifted present.

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