A new survey showed that, if given the choice of holiday work perks, employees want a year-end bonus, CNBCreported.

Seventy-three percent of 2,059 people surveyed said they’d prefer a cash bonus, according to the Harris Interactive survey conducted for the jobs website Glassdor.

Respondents could choose more than one answer, and after a cash bonus, 60 percent said they wanted a raise, according to CNBC.


Thirty-six percent said they wanted extra paid time off.

Respondents weren’t as interested in company stock, health care subsidies, a gym membership or a holiday party with an open bar. None of those options got more than 10 percent of the vote, according to CNBC.

But an article from NBCNews.com reported that holiday bonuses aren’t always the best way to show appreciation.

Some experts said that holiday bonuses provide a temporary high but don’t necessarily provide motivation for employees to do good work, according to NBC.

Instead, they say praise, specifically public praise, leads to better employee success.