A new restaurant located in Stone Fort Inn, called TerraMae Appalachian Bistro, is opening soon. 

On Thursday, crews worked to get seating areas and the kitchen in place. 

Some of the rooms on the second floor of the inn have also been renovated. 

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Head chef Robert Stockwell (right) and one of TerraMae's sous chefs, Jacob D'Angelo, were at the restaurant Thursday, working with a team of people to finish renovating and decorating the restaurant before it opens to the public Dec. 12. (Photo: Staff)
The new restaurant will have a wine club and a full bar. The wood used in the wine racks is repurposed from a local barn that was being torn down. (Photo: Staff)
Crews were still working to put all the pieces together Thursday. Crewmembers said that, when everything is in place, the restaurant will seat 90 people and have soft seating around a fireplace. (Photo: Staff)
Cris Angsten, interior decorator, has been working with architect Joseph Crites on TerraMae and the room renovations. The second floor rooms have been recently updated. (Photo: Staff)
The goal is for the third floor, which has art from area artists, to be renovated next year. (Photo: Staff)