Gov. Bill Haslam has proclaimed Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day for Tennessee.

The proclamation aligns with the national designation of Dec. 7 as a day of remembrance for when more than 3,500 Americans were killed or wounded in an unprovoked attack by Japan on military stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Described by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as “a day which will live in infamy,” the attack set the U.S. on a course for entering World War II, the most widespread war in history.

In a news release, Haslam recognized the 20 Tennesseans who were killed at Pearl Harbor.


“It has been 71 years since the attacks on Pearl Harbor, a day that changed our country,” Haslam said. “Twenty Tennessee service members were killed on the USS Arizona during the attack, along with thousands of other American heroes, and today, we remember their sacrifice.”

Tennessee Department of Affairs Commissioner Many-Bears Grinder was scheduled to participate in multiple Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremonies across the state today.