There are handmade, heirloom advent calendars and store-bought, paper calendars, red and green calendars and striped calendars and polka dotted calendars.

Regardless of the form, the excitement of opening a package every day to count down the days until Christmas never fails to delight both the young and the old.

The Chattanooga gift advent calendar offers a daily suggestion for a local purchase to bring a little piece of the Scenic City to the holiday hoard under the tree.


Day 9
In keeping with the weekend’s French motif, imagine a country kitchen. The white walls and cabinets are bathed in sunlight. The curtains are rustling softly; a slow breeze and the smell of freshly baked bread floats through the room.

Now, imagine a singularly vivid pop of color-a turquoise blue, a honey gold or a kelly green-in one of the most underutilized decorative opportunities in the kitchen. Yves Delorme dishtowels, available in Warehouse Row at the French company’s only Tennessee store, offer an amusing alternative to the traditional white hand cloth at the sink.

The woven or embroidered cotton pieces feature charming characters to match the color palette: elk, fish, shells, bees, squash and a chicken. Yves Delorme has a long tradition of bringing French linens for the kitchen and the bedroom to the U.S. and remains a family-owned business. The dishtowels serve well as hostess gifts and are 20 percent off through Christmas.

Where: 1110 Market St.
How much: $24 to $48