It’s a sad month for snack lovers in Cleveland, as the local Little Debbie Thrift Store will be shutting down for good Dec. 21.

A McKee Food’s representative, the company that owns Little Debbie, said that the store has been open for 20 years, and at the time it was opened, it was considered an innovative way to handle less-than-perfect products.

The thrift store specializes in selling Little Debbie treats at a discounted price. Snack cakes end up there after going through some type of manufacturing malfunction that results in a slightly deformed shape.

A spokesman for McKee said that their technology has improved over time, leading to fewer snafu-ed snacks.


“We have installed a lot of automation in the last few years, and we’ve significantly reduced the amount of imperfect product, which is what we supply those bakery stores with,” he said.

This location only had one full-time employee, and the rest were temporary.

The other stores in Hixson and Collegedale will still be open for business.

This article is published with permission of NewsChannel 9.