There are handmade, heirloom advent calendars and store-bought, paper calendars, red and green calendars and striped calendars and polka dotted calendars.

Regardless of the form, the excitement of opening a package every day to count down the days until Christmas never fails to delight both the young and the old.

The Chattanooga gift advent calendar offers a daily suggestion for a local purchase to bring a little piece of the Scenic City to the holiday hoard under the tree.


Day 11
Childhood is simply not complete without a bike. In the city, the suburbs and the country, the two-wheeled passport to freedom is often a person’s first independent mode of transportation-unless you are the indulgent kind of parent and sprung for that pony last year.

Finding the right bike for the job, then, might seem daunting. However, Trek Bicycle Store stocks its namesake brand in children’s versions, as well as adult bikes for commuting, recreation and competition.

The bikes for the young and growing cyclists were built according to a massive collection of measurements to ensure that the grips, seat and other components are sized appropriately. With adjustable pedals and handlebars, the bikes can also grow with the child and, when properly maintained, can last for as long as a family needs it to.

Where: 307 Manufacturers Road
How much: $170-$400