There are handmade, heirloom advent calendars and store-bought, paper calendars, red and green calendars and striped calendars and polka dotted calendars.

Regardless of the form, the excitement of opening a package every day to count down the days until Christmas never fails to delight both the young and the old.

The Chattanooga gift advent calendar offers a daily suggestion for a local purchase to bring a little piece of the Scenic City to the holiday hoard under the tree.


Day 14
First, dogs were playing poker, and now, they’re drinking beer.

Nooga Paws, located on the North Shore, has a certain six-pack crafted with all the ingredients for a happy, howling holiday: Bowser Beer is brewed with USDA beef or chicken, vitamin B-rich malt barley and glucosamine for canine joint health. The product does not contain alcohol, carbonation, hops or unhealthy commercial broth additives.

Bowser Beer makers suggest serving the liquid over dry food or ice, flavoring water with the mixture or allowing the lucky pooch to swig it straight from the bottle.

The product matches Nooga Paws’ focus on an all-natural diet for dogs. The store’s shelves and freezers are stocked with hearty, nutritionally rich wet, dry and dehydrated foods designed to create a diet more in line with the meat-based roots of dogs’ ancestral food habits.

Where: 313 Manufacturers Road
How much: $3.99 for a single and $21.84 for a six-pack