Dozens of people gathered for a meeting Monday night to get answers about a planned Hixson development.

Alocal company wants to build a commercial and residential development in Hixson, on Highway 153 near Boy Scout Road.

But many people who live in that area are apprehensive about the project, tentatively called Chattanooga Village.


Chattanooga City Councilwoman Pam Ladd organized the meeting for herself, but also for people who live in that area who still have questions.

Chattanooga Village developers were allotted several minutes at the beginning to provide a brief overview of the plans.

People wrote their questions for the Scenic Land Company in the front of the room. Then, Ladd read them to developers.

Ellie Walis has been involved from the beginning and said the meeting is an improvement from past ones.

“I thought they were more precise answers thanwe’ve been getting, which I am grateful for,” she said.

But Walis also said she still needs more answers and that now is not the time for City Council or thedevelopers to make a hasty decision.

This article is published with permission of NewsChannel 9.