On Wednesday, Instagram officials posted a response to the backlash that they began receiving Tuesday over their recent policy change.

Some local residents are unhappy about photo-sharing service Instagram’s recent policy change, which says that the Facebook-owned company can sell user photos to advertisers without permission and compensation. 

Some area residents and writers across the nation are saying that, with the move, the company is taking a step toward going out of business. 

Local resident Brad Gatlin said via Twitter Tuesday that the move is “a shame.” 

“[It’s] a bridge too far and month too late,” he said. “With filtered Twitpics and new Flickr iPhone app, many will use another service.”

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He thinks users would have probably accepted in-stream ads, but they likely won’t be as approving of this policy change. 

“Users understand that services like this have to generate revenue but aren’t willing to give up privacy rights to that level,” he said. 

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Updated @ 2:44 p.m. on 12/19/12 to add a link to Instagram’s response to the issue.