Grundy County schools are no longer on lockdown after a scary morning for parents, officials said.

Sheriff Brent Myers confirmed to NewsChannel 9 that his office took precautions after a statement made by a grandfather.

According to Myers, that grandfather was upset about his granddaughter being bullied at Coalmont Elementary. At the time, three weeks ago, Myers told a school secretary, “This is why people bring guns to school.” The grandfather was questioned but was never arrested and was not charged with anything. Myers described the comment as a statement and not a threat.

Myers said that after the Connecticut shootings, more people found out about the statement, and then it hit Facebook. Parents and students were concerned about a possible incident, and many either kept their students home from school or checked them out early Tuesday morning.


Myers described the comments on Facebook as “overreaction and panic,” although many parents are complaining to NewsChannel 9 that they would have felt better if they had just been given the full information from either the Sheriff’s Department or the school system.

NewsChannel 9 has a crew in Grundy County and will have more on this throughout the day.

This article is published with permission ofNewsChannel 9.