(From left to right) Joy Roach, Craftworks Foundation ambassador and office manager; Carrie Kleban, Craftworks CM; Marian Jones, Southern Brewers Association co-chair and executive assistant; Rob Stickley, Craftworks VP of revenue; Lindsay Killian, Southern Brewers Association coordinator and field marketing specialist; Brian Morrow, Craftworks CFO; Jerry Baldwin, Craftworks VP of supply chain; Liz Stone, Craftworks VP of people services; Allen Corey, Craftworks CEO; John Phillips, Craftworks SVP of general counsel; Kelly Williams, executive director of Chattanooga Kids on the Block; Robert Work, Craftworks VP of operation; Ben Brown, Craftworks senior director of planning, development and analysis; David Harrison, sponsor of Southern Brewers Festival (GKH); David Sharpe, Southern Brewers Association co-chair and regional brewer; John Leonard, Craftworks VP of design and construction; and John Tugman, Craftworks senior director of real estate. (Photo: Contributed)

Craftworks Restaurants & Breweries Inc. presented its largest donation to date from the 18th annual Southern Brewers Festival to the event’s partner, Chattanooga’s Kids on the Block.

The proceeds from this year’s event totaled $173,000, which was presented to CKOB Dec. 12.

The Southern Brewers Festival was held downtown Aug. 25. For the seventh year in a row, all proceeds were donated to CKOB. Since the beginning of the partnership, Craftworks has presented more than $875,000 to the organization. 

CKOB is an educational program, which has won multiple awards, that uses life-sized puppets to address disabilities, educational problems, medical differences and social concerns. 

“This year’s Southern Brewers Festival raised a greater amount for CKOB than in any previous festival,” Allen Corey, president and chief executive officer of Craftworks Restaurants & Breweries, said in a prepared statement. “We are proud of our company’s philanthropic efforts in our communities and the differences they make in the lives of others.”

More than 11,000 people attended the festival, which featured more than 30 of the region's most notable microbreweries. The 2012 festival added 10 new breweries and showcased approximately 75 premium ales and lagers. 

“We appreciate the dedication that Craftworks Restaurants has provided during the seven years of partnering for the Southern Brewers Festival,” Kelly Williams, executive director of Chattanooga’s Kids on the Block, said in a prepared statement. “This donation helps increase the effectiveness of our programming and the positive impact it has on our community.”

For more information about the Southern Brewers Festival, go to www.southernbrewersfestival.com. To learn more about CKOB, visit www.kidsontheblock.net