Wondering what to do tonight? No need to check your planner-we’ve got your daily post on what’s happening around town.

Put your heart into it
It’s Christmas at last! The shopping and the planning and the toy assembling of last night have all culminated in the moment of seeing family and friends open their carefully chosen gifts. But should the tearing apart of wrapping paper end and the day give way to a certain restlessness before dinner time, grab a few household craft materials and engage the household in a true, down-home project to put your Christmas celebrations on the map.

Where: Your living or dining room
How much: Free-ish; you should have the supplies ready at hand, but should substitutions be necessary, switch the nails for tacks and the canvas for a piece of fabric


Peanut butter + pretzels + chocolate = …
Christmas yum! For another project, you have the necessary materials in the house with all the holiday baking and snacking happening. Add an additional plate to the dessert table, and watch the smiles appear amid the spoon-licking and laughter.

Where: Your kitchen
How much: Free-ish; you have the supplies ready at hand, but should substitutions be needed, switch the pretzels for popcorn or the chocolate or peanut butter for honey