Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak has asked for patience in trying to get the team back on the right track.

A day after a 55-7 pounding in Green Bay, after which owner Bud Adams said the Titans cannot “keep games like like we lost today,” Munchak said he would sit down with Adams after the season finale to present his plan to repairing all things Titans.

“I think for me I tell him exactly what my plan is, what my thinking is, and then how we’re gonna get past 6-10 and on to next year, what the plan is, who we’re gonna do it with and what changes we have to make,” Munchak said. “Here is my plan, and he gets to make that decision of if he likes that plan or if he wants a different plan. I think that’s just generally how it would work in any business.”

Munchak inherited a roster in disarray when he took over in 2011, but the Titans played better than expected last year in going 9-7. This year, with a new quarterback in Jake Locker and all the injuries, the team has struggled to a 5-10 mark.


“You can’t lose perspective that sometimes it takes longer to build something than just one season or a season and a half. We’ve had one off-season here since I’ve been head coach,” Munchak said. “So we haven’t had a lot of time with the players. We have a short period of time here to fix it, but I feel very confident that we will.”

Munchak knows that both offense and defense are in need of repair, but he thinks there are some pieces in place to work with.

“I don’t feel good about our record. I don’t feel good about where we’re at, but I feel good about a lot of pieces to the puzzle that we do have,” he said. “I feel good about a lot of things that I feel can get fixed real quickly as far as getting better and I’ll talk to Mr. Adams about that and (general manager) Ruston (Webster) and everybody else.

“It’s hard to sit here and say you feel good when you’ve won five games and you’re not happy with where you’re at right now. But I’ve been a part of teams that won three games, won four games and we built something. It’s not gonna happen in one year. I know everybody wants a championship every year, but that’s just not how this business is.”

Munchak knows, though, that he is charged with fixing things on his watch, especially after Adams said he would be “very unhappy” if the Titans show the same type of performance next year.

“We’re 5-10, and that’s concerning. There were teams in the Super Bowl last year that had the lowest-rated defense or the worst rushing attack in the league, but they still got it done because one phase was picking up for the other,” Munchak said. “In our situation, that isn’t helping. The offense isn’t helping the defense and the defense isn’t helping the offense.

“We’ve had too many games where if someone is having a bad day, we’re all having a bad day, and that’s the difference in other teams overcoming that. We’re not overcoming that right now. We have to find a way to fix it because this type of record isn’t good enough.”