A holiday video that has been seen more than 1.5 million times since Dec. 24 has a Chattanooga-area connection.

Thevideo, called “Puppy’s First Christmas,” features a cover of “Let It Snow” byChris Garmon and Rusty Clanton fromRegenerate Music Company, which is based in Cleveland.

Garmon couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Thursday morning, but he recently posted a 2012 recap on the business’ Facebook page.


He said 2012 brought the first Grammy nomination for a Regenerate artist. Click here to see information about the nomination.

The year also brought more than 2 million YouTube views forRegenerate artists’ songs, play on MTV and VH1, and plays on nationally syndicated radio, he said.

“In 2013, we are turning our attention almost entirely to artist development because that is where our passion lies,” Garmon wrote. “We can’t wait to unveil our new artist development initiative. Be looking for it in early 2013, and have a safe and rewarding end to this amazing year.”

Click here to see last year’s feature on the business.