highlighted a trend that is being reflected in Chattanooga.

In an article called “Why Every Company Is Now an Incubator,” writer Issie Lapowsky outlines five reasons why businesses, such as Microsoft and PayPal, are getting into the business of breeding smaller startups.

Although it doesn’t seem that larger local companies are taking on the incubator role as highlighted in the article, Chattanooga does have its share of incubators.


There are about 1,250 incubators operating in the United States, according to the article, which cited the National Association of Business Incubators.

Chattanooga has a few business incubators-such asThe Company Lab,Lamp Post Groupand the Business Development Center-that have become increasingly active in the local entrepreneurial community in recent years.

Local businesses such asWeCounselandSlawsahave come out of the accelerators.

AndtheUrban League of Greater Chattanoogarecently joined forces with other local organizations to support small businesses.

The Urban League’s program is part of a larger, statewide effort to support small businesses.

Last year, as part of Gov. Bill Haslam’s economic development plan, The Company Lab became one of the state’s nine regional entrepreneurial accelerators.The Company Lab received a $250,000 grant to support the mission.

Other organizations, such asLAUNCHandThe Enterprise Center, also support local entrepreneurs.

A article called “Eight Reasons Startup Incubators Are Better Than Business School”from earlier this year recirculated on Twitter in October, and local leaders discussed the incubator phenomenon.

Sheldon Grizzle, co-founder of The Company Lab, told that incubators can be more valuable than getting an MBA in some situations.

The article outlined five reasons that businesses are getting into the incubator business. Click here to read more.

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