Wondering what to do tonight? No need to check your planner-we’ve got your daily post on what’s happening around town.

Your night on Frazier, part 1
Good Dog is home to many delectable eats, including the Cleveland Indians ballpark dog, the Southern slaw dog and the fajita dog. Tonight, the North Shore joint is also home to the start of your Thirsty Thursday with the weekly PBR special.

When: Special runs until 9 p.m.
Where: 34 Frazier Ave.
How much: $1 PBR cans


Your night on Frazier, part 2
Once you’ve satisfied your need for a not yo nacho dog with hand-cut fries, mosey on down the street to Stone Cup for Thursday night trivia. Try your knowledge and strategizing abilities in bringing together the best minds in history, geography, movies and sports for a championship team. Up for grabs? A beer or a means to cover your entire tab.

When: 8-10 p.m.
Where: 330 Frazier Ave.
How much: Entry is free, beer and coffee drinks range from $2-$3.75