Leaders of Chattanooga’s Southtree.com more than doubled their business last year, and they have recently moved into a bigger space on the Southside.

“Growth prompted our move,”Nick Macco, founder ofSouthtree.com, said via email. “We have consistently grown by at least 70 percent per year. In 2012, we grew by over 100 percent. We needed more space, plus we’re proud we get to be a part of downtown and the Southside’s revival.”

By the numbers

-Southtree has shipped 34.62 tons of orders to all 50 states. This equals seven elephants.

-The crew has digitized 12,491 miles of videotapes. That’s two times the distance from Chicago to Beijing.

-Southtree has preserved2,730 football fields of vintage movie film.

-37 DVD drives have been destroyed from processing so many orders.

Source:Nick Macco, founder ofSouthtree.com

The company, which helps preserve aging home movies and photos digitally,has moved from Main Street to Cowart Street, next to Urban Stack.

The new space is two times the size of the previous location and allows the company to double production. The new office also has large circuits to accommodate their equipment and a showroom, Macco said.

In March 2012, the company employed 10 people, according to Nooga.com archives. Now, their workforce is up to 16, and leaders are looking to hire a designer.

The past year has been “stressful but satisfying” for the team,Macco said. At one point during the holidays, the Southtree team was shipping 300 orders a day.

It’s a great feeling to know that represents 300 families who are able to enjoy and preserve memories, he said.

Moving forward, Macco wants to continue to grow the business, he said.

“We also have two exciting software projects we’re working on, which we’ll talk about more when they launch,” he said.

The Southtree.com team is hosting an open house on Jan. 24, and the public is invited. The event will be from 6 to 9 p.m. at 1301 Cowart St. Cocktails and desserts will be served.

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