Al-Jazeera English features smart grid

Al-Jazeera English, an international news channel,featured Chattanooga’s smart grid and fiber optic network this week.

In July 2012,EPB’s smart gridsaved about 50,000 customers from extended power outages, according to archives.

The systemidentifies the location of the outage and reroutes power so that fewer customers are without power.

InAprilof last year,EPB crews installed the final “smart switch” in the smart grid system, which they said at that time would reduce outage duration by 40 percent.

Al-Jazeera English has more than 60 bureaus worldwide on six different continents.

It’s headquartered in Doha, Qatar, according to theAl-Jazeera English website.

In November, The Wall Street Journal also featured Chattanooga’s smart grid.

Several other publications have also highlighted the city’s smart grid and fiber optics.